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Fallow Deer Limited Edition

Made by  Clive Seddon 

Ashburton - New Zealand


Fallow:   Code= (F1G)

Size: 400mmL X 400mmH X 230mmW

Weight: 6Kg  Packed 9Kg

Price: NZ$1190  + packing and freight


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The Fallow is a dainty deer with fine features and limbs. They weigh between 80lb and 200lb, standing about 3 feet at the shoulder. There are two main colours, black & grey originally from Denmark, and yellowish-brown with white spots in summer, changing to dark brown with dun coloured legs and belly in winter. originally from Southern Europe. They have palmated antlers like a moose, with a good one being about 30" X 30". These deer do not seem to spread far from their point of liberation. There are quite a few small herds of Fallow in New Zealand. In 1864 Nelson province made the first liberation in the Aniseed Valley. Some other herds being the Blue Mountains herd, inland from Balclutha, Kaipara, Albury, Lake Wakatipu, Wanganui, Herbert,Paparoa Range West Coast South Island, Mt Aurthur near Motueka and various other locations.

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