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Wildlife Sculptures

How to make a .17 hmr Rifle Stock from fibre-glass.

1hmr17.jpg (39744 bytes) Choose a good shaped stock.Wax your stock with very good quality wax. Fill cavities with plastercine. Build up potters clay halfway around the stock. 
2hmr17.jpg (22348 bytes) Push some holes in the clay to make keyways for the two halves to join accurately.
3hmr17.jpg (24688 bytes) Build a dam around the edge.
4hmr17.jpg (45473 bytes) Make the dam at least 20mm high. Wax the clay.
5hmr17.jpg (28914 bytes) Put a layer of resin and fibreglass over stock and clay.
6hmr17.jpg (80657 bytes) Build up three layers.

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