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Hints and Material Sources for Sculpture. 

Product Store or Service Use Ingredients Comments
Kneedit Mitre 10 or hardware shop making objects, fixing objects. epoxy putty You must have this on hand. Can be filed, sawn, sanded, rasped, drilled etc.
Selley's Window & Glass Silicone Mitre 10 or hardware shop. Sometimes they special the product. Note: unless this product is on special, it is much the same price as the superior moulding silicone products. Moulds liquid non runny silicone rubber Good for making moulds or building up expensive moulding rubbers. After you have applied the rubber without air pockets, smooth the rubber by dipping your hand in a container of water with a little detergent added.
Silicone Moulding Rubber and Polyurethane Foam


Era Polymers New Zealand Ltd

Silicone Moulding Rubber and Polyurethane Foam

57 Rangi Road
Auckland 2105


Moulding and Coating Silicone Moulding Rubber and Polyurethane Foam Used by most sculptors
Polyester Resin, Glass Cloth, Talcum Powder, release agents, silicone rubber etc Composite Supplies.
George Thornley
P.O.Box 142
Tai Tapu, Christchurch, New Zealand.
Mobile 021 329 661
Phone 03 329 6611
Fax: 03 329 6911
Making Composite Objects. Resin, Glass Cloth  
 release wax  

Release Wax available from TR Industries, P.O.Box 1533,California 90262, USA.


(Release Wax)
6TR104 - Blue Colour

This is the best release wax I have used to date.
Modeling Clay Lindsay's Leichhardt Pty Ltd,
19 Beeson Street,
P.O.Box 90
Leeichhardt 2040,
NSW, Australia.
Phone: Aust 02 560 2044
Fax :Aust 02 569 4585
Making original sculptures Clay + oil A plastercine like clay that does not dry out.
Bronze Casting in New Zealand Clark Wickham Foundary Ltd

11 Wickham street

Phone: 03 384 2584


Pouring bronze into your investment casting. Bronze If you want a bronze sculpture original cast, contact John  Clark.

This firm cast the bronze Sika you see on my Gallery pages

Investment Casting  of your Wax Model Mark Le Bherz
Stainless Incast NZ Ltd
16 Waller Tce
P.O.Box 2612
Phone 03 3792714
Fax 03 3795889
E-Mail: stainlessincast@xtra.co.nz
Website: www.stainlessincast.com
Putting a ceramic shell over your wax modell so that it can be cast in metal. Ceramic This firm invested (high temp ceramic layer) the bronze Sika you see on my Gallery pages.
Bronze Casting


Investment Casting  of your Wax Model

Ross Wilson 

Bronze Casting

Bronze investment

3 Robert Street  Marton

 Phone 063277592

 Will invest wax objects for customers

Putting a ceramic shell over your wax modell so that it can be cast in metal. Ceramic This firm will cast your sculpture in bronze for you






 George Thornley 
P.O.Box 142
Tai Tapu, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Ph 03 329 6611        Fax 03 329 6911       Mobile 021 329 661 

Product List 

Polvester Gelcoats    ISO &    ISO    NPG , colours available 

Polyester Tooling Gelcoat 

Polyester Flocotes ISO

 Polyester resins Ortho & Flooring Grades available.

 Pigment Pastes  colours available


Carbon Fibre Various weights 

Kevlar Various weights 

Quadraxial   850 & 1150 grms x 1270 mm wide

Biaxial  60Ogrms x 1270 mm wide

Double Bias Tape 100, 150 & 20Omm wid

Double Bias e 400 & 60Ogrms x 127Omm wide

Chopped Strand   225, 300, 450 & 60Ogrms

Gunstock Pallets or loose cheeses

Cloth 2oz 6oz 10z cut lengths or x rolls 

Woven Roving  600 x 800grm

Glass tape   25mm 50mm 75mm 10Omm

Surface Tissue Rolls or cut lengths

Peel Ply  1150mm X 50m rolls

WoolMat    6mm x 40m rolls & 2Omm x IOm rolls 

Acetone Tins Pails or Drums Tins Pails or Drums

Styrene Monomer  Tins Pails or Drums 

Release Agents K & H range, Traffic wax 

Auto Filler  4 litre tins

Talc  25kg bags

Acrosil 10kg bags

Qcells  9kg & 25kg

 Microballoons Various sizes

Epoxy Kits  1.25, 5, 20 litre kits 

Brushes Resin type 12mm -100mm various grades 

Catalyst Dispenser 500mils & 1 litre 

All MEKP plus freight. All products are plus GST. FIS over 100kg. ~


How to make a simple vacuum pump

The name is Arthur Buckland,  arfabuck@hyper.net.nz  and if anyone wants drawings or pics, drop me a line.

  I use it a lot (RTV) in my hobby of making scratch-built scale model warships.   The point of this email is that you mention in your tips and hints page that vacuun pumps are expensive.   NOT SO!! (with a little Kiwi ingenuity). If you have any mechanical ability (and even if you do not), it is relatively easy (and FREE) to make a vacuum pump to suck out air from any receptacle up to about a cubic metre.  

Obtain an old compressor from a dumped fridge or freezer ( any F & P model will do). The tip is a handy source of old fridges, or even easier, if you have an inorganic rubbish collection on the side of the road in your vicinity.   Clip off the copper tubes running out/into it ( keep the length as long as possible).  Seal off one of the two inlet pipes by bending and crimping, or better still silver solder it shut.  

Obtain an old pressure cylinder the same way as the compressor unit. ( an old LPG bottle will do, but a better- more volume available type would be an old oxy bottle.) Make sure the cylinder has a shut off valve. Open the valve and suck all the air out of the cylinder with the said fridge compressor - 2 to 3 mins max in time. Shut the cylinder off. Attach the piping from the cylinder to your vacuum bag or whatever you are using, and open the valve. Hey Presto! In less than a second you have removed all the air from whatever your mould is encased in and have a perfect vacuum around your workpiece. It will remove even the air that was trapped in your silicon or whatever you used to make the mould. Better still of course would be to remove the air bubbles from the mix immediately after you have made it.  That way when you paint it on your plug you get complete coverage. Subsequent vacuum bagging will ensure that you get a nice crisply detailed mould. You probably know all this already! but in case you didn't - a brief description of a relatively cheap, if not free, vacuum machine.  

Happy moulding, Art

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