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Horses made by Clive Seddon of Wildlife Sculptures


Horse made for Howick Historical Village Auckland New Zealand

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Canterbury Museum Christchurch Horse  

Canterbury Museum Christchurch New Zealand


New Horse Saddles up in the Christchurch Street

New Horse Saddles up in the Christchurch Street

Young visitors are invited to saddle up and take a ride on the Museum’s new life-sized model horse in theChristchurch Street, purchased with the support of the Friends of Canterbury Museum.

The previous horse had been a popular fixture in the heritage street since it opened in 1999. It was recently retired having been patted, photographed and climbed on by thousands of children over the last 18 years.

The new 15 hands-high bay-brown horse is made from fibreglass with a genuine horse hair mane and tail. It is wearing the replica of a saddle and bridle that would have been used during the 1890s, the same era portrayed in the Christchurch Street.

Visitors can find the new horse in the same place as its predecessor – next to Archibald Admore’s Saddlery. In the late nineteenth century, Admore’s made all types of saddlery, harnesses, horse clothing and racing gear that was sold from shops in Tai Tapu and Christchurch.

Canterbury Museum Director Anthony Wright says “The horse is incredibly popular with visitors. It helps set the scene and tell an important story about our city’s heritage while also being great entertainment! We are enormously appreciative of the contribution from the Friends of Canterbury Museum which enabled us to purchase the horse, saddle and bridle.”

Friends of Canterbury Museum Chair Annette Harris adds “The horse has been such a well-loved character in the Museum that we were determined to help continue the tradition and make sure that children can still enjoy a bit of fun as they climb on its back and imagine themselves in Christchurch in the 1890s.”



Children riding the Horse in the Canterbury Museum 

Visitors  enjoying a ride on the Canterbury Museum Christchurch New Zealand Horse


Chilren riding the Horse in the Canterbury Museum 

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Riding the Horse in the Canterbury Museum




Riding the Horse in the Canterbury Museum Christchurch New Zealand 

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In the display area of the Canterbury Museum






Canterbury Museum Settlers Area 



Donna Nobilo made a great job of the Bridle and Saddle.





Donna Nobilo

PO Box 928

Whangarei 0140

New Zealand

0064 094376097

021 437601


Saddlers & Harness Makers Assn.

of  Australia (Member).


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