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Heavy Duty Horse  by  Clive Seddon

Suitable for Riding schools, Jockey Clubs, Saddlery shops and Museums.

Not suitable for Permantly outside.

We can make Horses exactly the same shape out of Ferro Cement for $8500 + Freight. These will stand being outside.
Ferro Cement Mane and Tail.


HHDRMT : Real Mane and Tail - Price: NZ$6500-00
+ GST + Freight

Size: 15 Hand
2700L X 1600H X 570W

Weight 78.5 Kg

4 - 5mm Fiberglass construction.


There is a Steel Plate underneath each Hoof going out behind it, with Hole allowing it to be bolted to a concrete or wooden floor,  for putting on stand.

You can order any colour but White manes and tails are very hard to get.

You can supply a photograph of the horse colour you prefer.


Common Colours are Dark Brown, Bay, Black and Chestnut. ( Black Manes and tails are available)


White , Palomino and white grey Dapple Horses can be painted but good Horse Tails and Manes for these Colours are very hard to get.

You may have a very long wait for me while I  obtain a white Tail and Mane.



1/2 Deposit required with Order.

Allow  90days to make as they are only made to Order.

E-mail Clive Seddon Sculptor

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   How these Horses are made.

Trich with A Standard Bred Dark Brown Horse
Horse Head made for Bullswool Farm Park Karangahake Gorge Paeroa
Full sized Horse Head

HHFS:  $1200
 450W x 1100L x 800H
Weight 20 KG.



White Horse Tails and Manes are hard to get. We can not guarantee to get one for you.
You could supply your own White Tail and Mane.

More Horses - Canterbury Museum and Howick Historical Village

E-Mail: clive@wildlifesculptures.co.nz

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