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-The making of Fiberglass Horses with a mould.

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RCA_Horse1.jpg (161063 bytes) The Fibreglass Horse Mould that has been waxed ready for the layers of fibreglass
RCA_Horse2.jpg (101201 bytes)    Next a layer of release agent sprayed on to allow it to be painted later
RCA_Horse3.jpg (102190 bytes) A layer of brown compound is brushed on.
RCA_Horse4.jpg (108440 bytes) The brown compound is dull and takes paint later on.
RCA_Horse5.jpg (117018 bytes) Layers of glass fibre and resin are dabbled on.
RCA_Horse6.jpg (117528 bytes) Layers are added until the desired thickness is achieved.
RCA_Horse7.jpg (113554 bytes) The glass mat and resin are trimmed when the resin turns cheesy.

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