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116Kb. Taylor Stream not far from our home.

129Kb. In the distance is Mt Hutt where there is a good Ski Field.

123Kb. Dairy Heifers grazing on Wayne Smiths Property with Mt Somers on the left and Mt Winterslow on the right.

110Kb. A coating of snow quite often falls in Alford Forest in the Winter Months.

97.3K. Mt Somers and Mt Winterslow show the lovely green beech Forest covering their lower slopes.




Alford Forest area map.

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Alford Forest Backcountry Map.

Alford Forest, Ashburton, Methven area map.

Alford Forest Early History

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Alford Forest Moas

Climate -Alford Forest

The District has an equable climate averaging 1900 hours of sunshine a year with an average rainfall of 1500mm (60")per annum within 2km of the hills, 1125mm (45")6km out from the hills, down to 1000mm (40")10km eastwards from the hills.

The average daily maximum temperature in January is 22.1°C and average minimum is 10.2°C. The average daily maximum in July is 10°C and average daily minimum is 0.3°C.

In daytime summer the max temp can reach 33deg centigrade, average 22deg C, nighttime 10deg centigrade. 

On winter nights the frosts can reach -10deg centigrade, average -5deg C.
Daytime max winter up to 12deg centigrade. Spring arrives mid September early October.
Autumn comes end of march, mid April.

Alford Forest Weather and Satellite Pictures   www.demaroussem.net.nz 

Around our district

Alford Forest area photo's.

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Staveley - Artist Karen Smith, Mid Canterbury New Zealand

Minerals to Art - Mt Somers. http://www.mineralstoart.co.nz/

My Photo's taken at the 2002 Minerals to Art, Mt Somers.

Mount Somers Holiday Park 
Our Holiday Park is located just 1 km off the Inland Scenic Route 72 in quiet, attractive surroundings. This makes it the perfect base for skiing on Mt Hutt, exploring lakes and the Sub Alpine Tramps in the region.

"Rangiatea the Hidden Gem" - A picturesque sheep and cattle property, A tranquil garden, Set beneath the magnificent Southern Alps, of New Zealand. These features alone attract many visitors to "Rangiatea" But Rangiatea offers more - something special - For beneath its fertile soil lie deposits of Agate rock, a semi precious gemstone, and from this the creation of "Rangiatea Jewellery".

Stronechrubie Restaurant - Mt Somers.


Mt Potts

4 Wheel Drive Tours of our district

Ashburton District  Ashburton, Mt Somers - Foothills, Methven - Mt Hutt, Rakaia

Ashburton Guardian.



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