Moa Working Bee 11/6/2000 to 17/8/2000

For details phone Jim Chapman or Danny Symons

The phone numbers are on the "Alford Forest Moa Project 2000" page.

Below are some photo's showing some of the Alford Forest Residents hard at work cutting and
bending wires to make the feathers for the wire sculptures of the Moa's they are building.

I am not showing thumbnails of these photo's so that the page comes on screen quickly
and you can select the ones you want to see from the description.

Photo 1 (132Kb) -Sandy Payne using a cutoff grinder to cut the feathers for the wire sculptures Moa.

Photo 2 (113Kb) The Alford Forest gang, bending wires to make the atificial feathers.
From the left: Heather Payne, Danny Symons, Linda McIvor, William Sommerville, Baydne Sommerville, Anita Wightman, Jim Chapman.

Photo 3 (140Kb) From the Left: Danny Symons, Kathryn Clemens, Ben Payne, Anita Wightman, Tom Symons, Baydne Sommerville,
Ron McIvor Anita Wightman is in the foreground bending wires.

Photo 4 (106Kb)- Clive Seddon, Kathryn Clemens, and Anita Wightman.

Photo 5 (107Kb)- Linda McIvor, Ron McIvor, Baydne Sommerville, Lois Moodie, William Sommerville, Danny Symons, Ben Payne, Heather Payne.

Photo 6 (137Kb)- Baydne Sommerville, William Sommerville, Danny Symons, Ben Payne, Peter Moodie, Trich Seddon, Janet Symons, Ron McIvor.

Photo 7 (123.8Kb)- Ron & Linda McIvor, Stan Hydes, David Wightman, Jim Chapman, and Sandy Payne.

Photo 8 (123.8Kb)- Jim Chapman, Sandy Payne, David Wightman, and Stan Hydes.

Photo 9 (132.9Kb)- Linda and Ron McIvor.

Photo 10 (122.9Kb)- Lois Moodie, Janet Symons, Peter Moodie, Trich Seddon and Heather Payne.

Photo 11 (128.1Kb)- Barry Begg at the bench bending wires for the Moa feathers.

Photo 12 (117.8Kb)- Kathryn Clemens, Lois Moodie, Anita Wightman, Peter Moodie, Baydne Sommerville, Linda McIvor, and Danny Symons.

Photo 13 (133.8Kb)- A general view of the working bee.

Photo 14(112.2Kb)- Heather Payne sorting the wire feathers.

2nd Stage - Covering the Moa frames with bird netting. (9/7/2000)

Photo 15(132.5Kb) Heather Payne lacing on wire netting to the Moa frame.
Clive Seddon packing wire netting into the head spaces.
Andrew Jackson lacing netting to the frame.
Nancy Harmer and Margaret Rouse interested in what is going on.

Photo 16(127.2Kb).Heather Payne, Clive Seddon, Andrew Jackson, and Margaret Rouse.

Photo 17(122.7Kb).Clive Seddon and Lois Moodie.

Photo 18(119Kb).Ron and Linda McIvor working on the Moas.

Photo 19(127.5Kb).Linda McIvor and Janet Symons.

Photo 20(139.5Kb). Group having afternoon tea. Kathryn Clemens, Trich Seddon, Ron McIvor,

Danny & Janet Symons, and Linda McIvor.

Photo 21(113.3Kb).Trich Seddon working on the legs of the Moa.

Photo 22(126.7Kb).Janet Symons doing some lacing work.

3rd Stage....Moa Working Bee 23/7/2000

Photo 23(105.4Kb)The pair of moas with the netting completed.

Photo 24(119Kb) Visitors to the workbee having a chat outside in the sun.

Photo 25(115.8Kb)Activity around the Moas.

Photo 26(106.8Kb)People putting wire feathers on tne male moa..

Photo 27(126.3Kb) Peter Moodie putting the final layers of netting on the female moa.

Photo 28(107Kb) Andrew Jackson,Sandy Payne and Ken Lowe in discussion.

Photo 29(105Kb)Lynn Chapman and Janet Symons.

Photo 30(118.6Kb)Volunteers crowding the pair of Moas, putting on wire feathers.

Photo 31(124.3Kb)Ian Blackwood, Danny Symons and Dianne Smith.

Photo 33(109.5Kb) Flora Lowe cooking up the sausages on the barbaque.

Photo 35(117.9Kb)Barbaque time.

Photo 36(129.3Kb) Lynda McIvor, Michael, Danny Symons, Lucy and Aussie Symons.

Photo 37(113.1Kb) Ben Payne, Peter Moodie, Barry Begg, Wayne Smith, and Baydne Sommerville.

Photo 38(123.2Kb)Broadview of the working bee.

Photo 39(139.6Kb)John Willis inserting feathers.

Photo 40(112.1Kb)The Seniors having a chat.

Photo 41(119.6Kb)More hands make light work.

Photo 42(108.7Kb)Derick Newton, Alistair Smith, and Ken Lowe.

Photo 43(126.8Kb)The Grays, Symons and Smith.

Photo 44(132.5Kb)High view.

Moa Working Bee 13th Aug, 2000

Photo 46(118.3Kb) Peter Moodie, Baydne Sommerville, Heather Payne, Kathryn Clemens, and Ben Payne.

Photo 47(103.8Kb) S.Payne & Anita Wightman putting the final touches to the feathers of the male moa.

Photo 48(137.1Kb) Anita Wightman (Close up showing the details of the feathers.

Photo 49(1101.5Kb) The Female Moa with only a small bit to cover on it's back.

Photo 50(105.3Kb) Sandy Payne, Barry Begg, Danny Symons, Louise Begg, and Jim Chapman.

Photo 51(129.8Kb) Kathryn Clemens, Peter Moodie,and Heather Payne.

Photo 52(120.6Kb) Lois Moodie, and Jennette McClennan.

Photo 53(113.9Kb) Jannet Symons with some of the children.

Erect the Moas on site 17th Aug, 2000

Photo 54(115Kb) Digging holes for the foundation.

Photo 55(115Kb) Volunteers digging holes for the foundation.

Photo 56(117.4Kb) Many hands make light work - Digging holes for the foundation.

Photo 57(94Kb) General view of the site - Digging holes for the foundation.

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