Finished Moa
The finished Moas at Alford Forest.

The MOA'S were built by Alford Forest Community under the direction of Sculptor, Clive Seddon for the 125th Anniversary of the Foothills Area.

The Plaque was unveiled by Ainslie Rountree and Lois Moodie, with the local children on 24.2.2001 listed below.
Matthew Cocks
Harry Jackson
William Lowe
Rebecca McLennan-Hawkes
Ben Payne
Sam SymonsGrace Somerville
Peter Wightman
Lee Watson
Rachael Woods


Mt Alford Station ( J McLennan & M Hawkes)
M H Seddon
Strathclyde Partnership ( B Begg)
J & R Cocks
D & J G Symons
R & L McIvor
Cairndhu Partnership (Lowes)
S O & M L Symons
J & L Chapman
R Watson
Alister Smith
Alford Forest Sports Club
Alford Forest Rural Women
B A & J A Somerville
B & M Lee
Tancred Holdings (D Newton)
Lois Moodie
Peter Moodie
D & A Wightman
A J Willis
R W Milne
I W Blackwood
J Rountree
P Gray
C & P Seddon
R R & P M Bruce
J J & N A Harmer

H G & A J Eggleston
E B Symons
A W McKay
K M & M A Clemens
B G & J A Lock


Stan Hyde
Andrew Jackson
S Payne (Use of Shed)

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