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Archimedes Penta Out Board Motor details.

Plans of the parts of an Engine from an Archimedes Penta
Archimdes Penta Engine

Ring Gap 2 thou for every inch.

5 thou max for a 45HP Archimedes Penta Outboard engine.

Penta_Gearboxem.jpg (140628 bytes) Penta Gearbox
Penta Carburetter em.jpg (54677 bytes) Penta Carburetter

Penta Carburettor adjustments



BlNG 8/26/4 and 8/26/5; - 1  1/2 turn

BlNG 8/26/6, 8/26/7 and 8/26/9; - 3/4 turn

The final valve setting to be adjusted with hot motor after

that the "idle stop screw is adjusted.

idle (throttle lever) stop screw (on carburettor )

To be adjusted for 1000-1100 r.p.m.  idling speed in neutral.

Adj screw for for warming up throttle(Qn B/26/9_ONLY)j.

To be adjusted for approximately 1800 r.p.m. in neutral, cold motor.

NOTE- The white plastic adjustment screw in throttle linkage controls the amount of additional throttle given when motor is put  in gear.  To be aNOTE: djusted For c:o 11OO r;p.m.  idling speed when motor is put in gear (hot motor-)


Penta_Electrics_1967 -_1970em.jpg (121397 bytes)  Penta 1967 - 1970 Electrics


Penta_Electrics_1974em.jpg (152733 bytes) Penta Electrics 1974
Penta_Pull_Startem.jpg (124475 bytes) Penta Pull Starter

Penta small drive cog

Ignition Timing

1) Breaker gap for cylinder No 2 breaker to be adjusted to 0.40 -0.45 mm ( 0.16 - 0.18 in ) at top of Compession.

2) Armature plate to bo in locked position giving 2.25 +/- 0.10mm (0.885 +/- 0.004 in) ign advance for cyl No 2.

3) Breaker gaps for No 1 and 3 breakers to be adjusted so that the breakers open at 2.25 +/- 0.10mm ( 0.885 +/-0.004 in ) before repective T.D.C.

4) Torque flywheel nut to 10 kpm (72 ft/lbs with a torque wrench.

Spark Plugs Bosch W 260 T1, Champion L-78 or NGK 89HS


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