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Chamois Standing:   Code= (CST)

Size: 220mmL X 260mmH X150mmW

Weight: 1.8Kg   Packed 4.5Kg

Price: NZ$390  + Packing and freight



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     Chamois were brought into New Zealand in 15thMarch,1907 , after Captain Donne met the Commander of the Austrian Warship 'Panther' while in Wellington. He spoke to the Emperor of Austria 'Franz-Joseph' who rounded some up and sent them over.
They were released in the Mt Cook Area and are now spread through most of the Southern Alps of New Zealand.
Standing about 2 ft 6 inches at the shoulders ,with a length Of four or five feet, a fully grown buck may weigh up to 80lb.
They are equipped with broad hard rimmed hooves with a rubbery heel .
Horns grow 9 to11 inches , with the bucks having thicker horns .
In the Summer the coat is yellow-fawn and in the winter blackish with silver tips on the hair along the backbone .
Native of central and southern Europe, the Chamois is one
of the most graceful game animals to be found in New Zealand. They are
now to be found throughout the mountain ranges of the South Island. Of
the Antelope family the Chamois has exceptional eyesight and ability to
run effortlessly in the roughest terrain. Both the Buck and the Doe have
horns but the Doe's horns are normally thinner. The Chamois like the Tahr
can be hunted year round but the most popular time is from April through
to August when they are jet black in color. During the mating season (April-May) the buck becomes quite aggressive and intolerant of younger males and drives them off emitting a whistle sound as a warning.


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