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Elk Wapiti 

Elk Model 2  Code= (E2)

Size: 500mmL X 450mmH X 300mmW

Weight: 5Kg  Packed 8Kg

Price: NZ$1390  + packing and freight

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ELK - Wapiti

The Elk are a native animal from America. New Zealanders and Indian people call them Wapiti. President Rosevelt of U.S.A. acquired some Elk for New Zealand which formed the Fiordland National Park herd. For 50 years there was some world class hunting to be had in New Zealand. The next 50 years depends on good management by the New Zealand Government Representatives for the people who wish an Elk herd to survive in the wild. There are now large numbers of Elk on farms in U.S.A. and New Zealand, with selective breeding they are developing very large antlers and body size. The bugle of an Elk is a sound that has to be experienced by everyone to appreciate the magnificient animal in its fullest glory.

( Cervus canadensis Nelsoni and Woodland Elk)
The 'Bugle'Of an Elk is claimed to be as irresistible as the legendary
songs of the Sirens. one of the strangest sounds of the wilds , sometimes eerie vand sometimes almost musical , it is always magnetic.
When a person catches a glimpse of the massive antlers of this huge beast
,it is a sight which is never forgotten.
The elk is the largest of the cylindrical-antlered deer,which have a spread up to 60+ inches.
They differ slightly from the general form of the Red Deer ,
the tops do not crown as do the surroyalsof the Reds , but occur one behind the other
.The tray point is always longer than the brow point.The antlers tend to be lighter in color
(the exception
being the Wapiti of Fiordland which have dark antlers), smoother and of course , more massive. Standing just over five feet at the shoulders,
a mature Bull may weigh from 600 to 900 lb.For short distances on flatland they can run at 45 mph.
Organized by Captain Donne,New Zealand,St.George Littledale,England
and Theodore Roosevelt,U.S.A.( then President)
,Elk were imported to New Zealand from U.S.A. by the Tourist Department
in 1905 and released at George Sound ,Fiordland . They thrived and by 1921 theyhad spread south to Lake Marchant at the head of Caswell Sound and east into the Lake Hankinson-Lake Thompson Country.The boundary at present are west of Lake Te Anau and to the north the Milford sound Cleddau Valley,and South Charles Sound.


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