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12 This is a sculpture of a curler which I am developing at the moment. ( 12" )
Some more details added to the curler. jacurler.jpg (219071 bytes)   Some more details added
Working on the face details. jaface.jpg (116104 bytes)  Working on the face details
Getting the position right. jaitken1.jpg (198910 bytes)  Getting position right
View from above the curler. jaitken2.jpg (196006 bytes)  From above
Marble Resin Curler straight out of the mould. resincurler1.jpg (115481 bytes)  The Marble Resin Composite Sculpture, straight out of the silicone rubber mould. The edges have been trimmed and basic undercoat added.
lface1.jpg (132462 bytes)  The face of the finished curler.
Lside3.jpg (150579 bytes)  The left side of the curler.
Ltop1.jpg (131168 bytes)  The top view of the curler.
rside6.jpg (58012 bytes)  The curler front-side view.
rside7.jpg (147561 bytes)  The right side view.
rside8.jpg (127538 bytes)  Higher right side view.
rside9.jpg (142743 bytes)  Another right side view of the finished curler.
A smaller version of the curler. Curl01.jpg (154692 bytes) A smaller version of a curler. ( 5" )

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Making a Silicone Rubber Mould of the Curler Sculpture.


New Zealand Curling Association.

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