Wildlife Sculptures
Fallow Deer

In these pages I will be explaining how I go about making a wildlife sculpture and later on some other subjects.
Fallowmake1.jpg (185063 bytes) Get a picture of the animal you want to model, and enlarge or reduce it with a photocopy machine. Put it on a block of foam and draw around it. Mark a line one quarter inch inside this outline. Cut this shape out and rasp it to shape. To start a model of any animal first cut the basic shape from a block of polyurethane foam. Push in some bronze rods for the legs, make sure the bends correspond to the joints in the bones, and solder them in place.
Fallowmake2.jpg (173350 bytes) Start applying modeling clay or plasticine to the wire on the legs.
Fallowmake3.jpg (175938 bytes) Keep adding modeling compound.
Fallowmake4.jpg (87557 bytes) Put a layer over the body.

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Tanning Skins

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