Minerals to Art 

at Mt Somers 2002

"Minerals to Art" -  Mt Somers. http://www.mineralstoart.co.nz

These are just a few photo's of the sculptures that I saw at the Minerals to Art,  Saturday 2nd March 2002.

Minart1.jpg (115177 bytes) Sasha Lean-Vercoe "Learning Curve"
Minart10.jpg (113031 bytes) Lee Richardson, Nelson "Wishful Thinking"
Web Site: http://www.sculpture-sublime.co.nz
Minart11.jpg (131561 bytes) Sam Genet "Stag"
Minart12.jpg (139843 bytes) Sam Genet "Communion"
Minart13.jpg (130296 bytes) Donald Buglass Hokitika.
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Minart14.jpg (90713 bytes) Jay van der Reijden
Minart15.jpg (120309 bytes) Bon Suter and Sally Gibbs, Ashburton. "Snail"
Minart16.jpg (99250 bytes) Frank Connelly, Ashburton. "Celtic Cross"

"Minerals to Art" -  Mt Somers. http://www.mineralstoart.co.nz

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