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Making a Silicone Rubber Mould. 

First Half of Mould
making a clay mould. jamould1.jpg (139037 bytes) The first stage of making a silicone rubber mould of your sculpture is to build up clay to the halfway point.
Building up the clay layer. jamould2.jpg (146798 bytes)          The first half of the clay build up finished. jamould3.jpg (97643 bytes)          Clive Seddon smoothing out the clay. clivem4.jpg (152141 bytes)
Use a small rounded wooden inplement to put small holes around the sculpture. jamdot1.jpg (140332 bytes) Around the edge of your sculpture poke some shallow rounded holes to key the joins of your moulds.
Dot depressions finished. jamdot2.jpg (154856 bytes)          Another view of the dots. jamdot3.jpg (120182 bytes)        funnelcurler.jpg (125695 bytes)  
rollclay.jpg (127769 bytes) Roll out some clay " thick. Cut strips of this clay 1" wide, From these cut out dovetails and lay out around the sculpture keeping them " away. These dovetails will hold the rubber in place when making your resin composite reproductions.
cutdovetails.jpg (138224 bytes) Cut out Dovetails. 

  dovetailson.jpg (150755 bytes)   Dovetails on, just outside of the dot keyways.

1stcoatsil.jpg (132522 bytes) Then with brush on a thin layer of mixed silicone rubber liquid. Let dry between coats. Build up at least 3 layers or more. Add a thickened layer of silicone rubber at least " thick. Let Dry.
silon.jpg (132767 bytes) The silicone is now " thick all over the sculpture and is now ready for the next stage.

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Look at the original modelling clay sculpture of the Curler.


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