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Bull Tahr:   Code= (TST)

Size: 220mmL X 250mmH X 150mmW

Weight: 2Kg  Packed 5Kg

Price: NZ$390  + packing and freight



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  The Duke of Bedford ,Woburn , England presented the New Zealand Government
with six Tahr in 1904.
These were liberated in the Mt Cook Area of New Zealand.
Tahr inhabit high rough country up to 8500 feet in New Zealand .
Reaching a height of 40 inches at the shoulders the
Bulls may weigh over 200lb and have long hair up to 12 inches
around their shoulder and neck section which they can make stand upright to give the
visual effect of doubling their size . The Mane is a light cream color
with the back section blackish 4inch to 6 inch hair .
Bulls can grow horns up to 14 inches plus .
The Females Coats are Greyish dunn color in the winter
with horns to eight inches .The legs are heavily built to with stand the
sudden stresses of vertical drops of perhaps 26 feet , with the hooves
designed to give efficiency on rock and ice surfaces . These hooves are
blunt and stubby , hollowed somewhat in the middle , with hard rims running around the outside .
The Heel part is much softer and acts like a pad.
They also have well developed dew claws which they use for additional grip whenever possible .
Perhaps not as agile as the Chamois , the Tahr is a far more
accomplished mountaineer , and can negotiate the most formidable
looking cliffs and frozen slopes with apparently effortless ease
so long as there is a hold for the hooves .
Originally from the Himalayan mountains, these magnificent mountain goats
were liberated in New Zealand's Southern Alps in 1904.
Although both sexes have horns, those of the bull are longer and
heavier than the nannies. Bull has Lion like mane that often exceeds over
a foot in length. Despite their size and relatively short legs the Bull
is an extremely agile animal that can bound down through the steepest of
bluff systems with their hooves barely touching the rock faces.
Normally solitary animals the Bulls move into the nanny groups in early May.
This is the most exciting time to Hunt the King of the Mountains, as to see
a mature Bull in full rut, standing on a ridge with the wind blowing through
his Mane is the ultimate alpine hunting experience.


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