Wildlife Sculptures  Wild Boar 
Ginger with Black Patches

Wild Boar:   Code= (WBG)

Size: 270mmL X 170mmH X 130mmW

Weight: 2Kg  Packed 5Kg

Price: NZ$390  + packing and freight



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     The toughest, meanest and most dangerous sporting beast in the country is, of course the wild boar.
Wild Boar originated in New Zealand through liberation's by early explorers.
De Surville gave the first two pigs to the Maoris in 1769.
Captain Cook being one of the first to do so in 1773.
They did it so that shipwrecked sailors , sealers , explorers and
settlers following would have some food available. The early Maori tribes
captured and domesticated a number of these Pigs.
Interbreeding between many breeds of Pigs resulted in the wild pigs of today.
With a wide distribution,
and as an animal which guarantees the sportsman action packed with thrills
and danger , pig hunting is tops. Fierce ,cunning animals, physically slim,
powerful active dangerous. The term 'Captain Cookers' refers to the pigs
that are usually Black, have high shoulders, small hindquarters ,
upstanding quite long bristles along the backbone.
Today dogs are used principally for hunting them, several dogs are needed for a successful pig hunt.
These dogs are classed as 'finders' and 'holders' .Finders ,as the term suggests, are used to find the quarry
and can be any kind of dog with a good sense of
smell, often sheepdogs. The holders now spearhead the chase, waiting for
an opening in which to leap to take hold of the pig. For this task bulldog, boxer crosses or similar breed
are favoured. One cardinal rule is NEVER GET DOWNHILL FROM YOUR QUARRY.
They can travel downhill with the speed of a chamois ,
but a fit man can beat them climbing if necessary. Boars, it is universally known
,can inflict terrible wounds with their razor sharp tusks ,
but do not have the delusion that Sows cannot be dangerous , tougher
they can bite with great ferocity when cornered or enraged, they fear nothing.
Record Boars may weigh up to 400lb,measure 3 ft or more in height, up to 7ft 6 inches in length .
They have tusks when drawn 8 inches to 20inches in length.
The record tusk length can be 26 inches. The ideal set of tusks should form a complete circle.
Most Hunters with a pack of dogs ,will not let other persons hunting with them take guns
,the exception being themselves. Sportsmen  with patience can get Wild Pigs by also stalking them.
Pigs are most active in the morning and evening and often on days which are
pleasantly warm. Rain brings the pigs out of the bush as it will deer,
but not if the weather is cold and boisterous. In cold weather they remain
in the shelter as much as possible, while on hot days they bask in the
smashed of bracken, or remain in the cover of scrub , bush ,or in muddy wallows where they are difficult to find.


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